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Cookie policy

Cookies are small pieces of data that are left on your computer by most websites for tracking purposes and to assist you when you return to the site.

At Conscious Courses, we keep things simple and do not use cookies. We do not track your use of the site or collect information about you. You should not find any cookies for if you search in your browser cookie lists. 

However, our website may contain ads and links to other sites. Once you click on a link to another site, that site may use cookies. We are not responsible for the behaviour of any external sites.

Our web hosting company, like all web hosting companies, maintains statistics such as how many hits this site or page gets and may record the ID of your computer. This happens all the time with every website, every time you are online, and is not dependent on cookies. Our web hosting company is one of the biggest and most reputable. Our website is safe and legal. We do not have any direct payment links from this website and do not collect any private information.

Your continued use of the site means that you agree with the cookie policy published here.